You asked: How do you get Connor out of the Zen garden?

As Markus is giving his final speech, Amanda will pull Connor into the Zen Garden and take control of his body. Connor must escape the Zen Garden and regain control of his body by interacting with the glowing handprint stone before time runs out.

How do you escape the Connors program?

Make your way over to it and use the emergency exit plan that Kamski always programmed in. Or don’t, of course, and shoot Markus right in the face while he’s giving his speech. The choice is yours! That’s all there is to it!

Can Connor come back to life Detroit?

Unlike the other protagonists you have to keep alive in Detroit: Become Human, Connor can actually die and return multiple times throughout the campaign. … Nevertheless, you’re going to need to allow Connor to die and return a total of at least eight times to unlock the ‘I’ll Be Back’ Trophy.

Can Simon survive Detroit become human?

All the Ways Simon Can Die in Detroit: Become Human

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Instead, knock them out. If Simon gets injured on the roof, then don’t shoot him. He should reconcile with Markus at Jericho in a later scene as long as Connor doesn’t connect to Simon.

What is rA9?

rA9 is reported by multiple deviant androids to be the first android to “Wake up” and become deviant, and that it would return and free the others of its kind. … Kamski suggests that androids have a common desire akin to humans to believe in something bigger than themselves, even if it is irrational.

What happens if I let Chloe go?

People who decide to let Chloe leave get to watch her walk off screen, never to return. It’s a little lonely for the player; the welcome screen returns to a generic video game menu.

What is the secret ending in Detroit become human?

Unsurprisingly then, the game’s secret ending isn’t exactly a laugh either. Thankfully though, it is incredibly easy to access. Mercifully, Detroit: Become Human’s secret ending is triggered simply by revisiting the main menu screen after the credits have rolled.

What happens if you save Hank in Detroit become human?

That’ll send him to the Cyberlife facility during the Battle for Detroit. Save Hank: At Cyberlife during the Battle for Detroit, win the QTEs so you’re not killed along the way. When you go to convert the androids there, you’ll be confronted by New Connor holding Hank as hostage.

How do I convince people to go to Detroit?

Pick the option HANK (to apologize to Hank), followed by CONVINCE. There will be a short conversation before you’ll have to decide to give into the android’s demands or try to hack the other androids.

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Does Connor die if you save Hank?

Connor dies in the kitchen – if you do not free yourself and do not put the biocomponent back on. … Connor catches the deviant and protects Hank Connor dies, public opinion, system instability. Hank’s reputation. Connor catches the defect and shoots him – the best ending, everyone are alive, Connor kills the defect.

What happens if you kill Connor Detroit?

If connor dies he will actually come back. They will just send another android that looks like him and keeps his memory. There can even be a scene where you meet again the swat guy from beginning and if connor died in begining he says that he thought he died.

What happens if Carl dies Detroit?

If Carl dies, an auction of a collection of his paintings in the following weeks is announced.

Should I kill or leave Simon?

You’ll lose Jericho’s reputation, regardless of whether you leave him now, or on the roof. When you get to the roof, you can shoot Simon or leave him. Kill – North, rest of the team; Let him leave – Simon, North, rest of the team.

Do I kill or leave Simon?

If central security was alerted, Simon is injured in the broadcast room and collapses. If the player chooses to leave him behind instead of saving him or chooses to save him but fails the quick time event, the SWAT team kills him. If Simon was injured but brought onto the rooftop, the player can choose to shoot him.

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Should I kill Simon Detroit?

He will hide from the police. In the next chapter ‘Public Enemy’ Connor can either find Simon or ignore him. If Connor ignores Simon, he will rejoin Markus and the group later and won’t die. Execute Simon [CROSS CHAPTER IMPACT]: You can kill Simon, but this is not a good choice.

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