Why does Franziska von Karma have a whip?

Franziska von Karma Ignorance is to be whipped. A whip is a tool generally used by humans to exert control over animals and other people via pain compliance or the threat of pain. Prosecutor Franziska von Karma uses a whip as her trademark weapon, and will often use it on others for very little provocation.

The von Karmas are a German family of which three are known by name: late Prosecutor Manfred von Karma, his prosecuting prodigy daughter Franziska von Karma, and Miles Edgeworth by adoption.

Are Edgeworth and Franziska siblings?

Early life and career

Prosecutor Manfred von Karma. Franziska von Karma was born and raised in Germany by her father Manfred von Karma. When she was two years old, her father took in an orphaned Miles Edgeworth, with whom she shared a sibling bond.

How did Manfred von Karma die?

We won’t really know, but I leave it at “he died” of natural causes, most likely due to himself giving up after suffering such a big defeat. Manfred was a man after all, although he seemed to portray himself as a “perfect” human with no flaws.

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What proves von Karma was shot?

Von Karma wants evidence that he took a vacation to heal his wound. … Von Karma then states that the bullet was in there long before the incident, and wants proof that he is wrong. Present the DL-6 Bullet, your only piece of evidence from the DL-6 case, and everything will fall apart for von Karma.

Why did Miles Edgeworth die?

Choosing “death”

The note led everyone to believe that Edgeworth really had committed suicide, and Wright ultimately decided that the Edgeworth he had known as a child had died long before, replaced by a coward who took his own life over a win record.

Why did von Karma adopt Edgeworth?

In order to get his fully perfect revenge against Gregory Edgeworth, the only man to ruin his perfect guilty record, he had to perform the worst possible things to get his revenge. Killing Gregory wasn’t enough, he proceeded to adopt the young Miles to begin phase two.

How old is Pearl Fey?

Pearl Fey
Japanese name Ayasato Harumi
Age PW:JFA: 8 PW:T&T: 9
Occupation Spirit Medium in training
Family Mother: Morgan Fey Half-sister: Iris Half-sister: Dahlia Hawthorne Aunt: Misty Fey Cousin: Mia Fey Cousin: Maya Fey

How old is Larry Butz?

Larry Butz
Japanese name Yahari Masashi
Age PW:AA: 23 PW:T&T: 25 AAI:ME: 25
Occupation Stall Vendor, Security Guard, Artist’s Apprentice, Steel Samurai

How old is Maya Fey?

Maya Fey
Japanese name Ayasato Mayoi
Age PW:AA: 17 PW:JFA: 18 PW:T&T: 19 PW:SOJ: 28
Occupation Spirit Medium in training
Family Mother: Misty Fey Sister: Mia Fey Aunt: Morgan Fey Cousin: Iris Cousin: Dahlia Hawthorne Cousin: Pearl Fey
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Is 7 an incident?

The IS-7 Incident refers to a murder that took place in the mansion of Jeff Master on December 24, 2000. … The incident revolved around the trial of a famous television chef, Jeff Master, who had been accused of killing Isaac Dover. His defense attorney, Gregory Edgeworth, faced the infamous prosecutor Manfred von Karma.

Why does Godot wear a visor?

The poison damaged his central nervous system, caused extreme damage to his eyes, and turned the hair on his head white. … He began wearing a special visor over his eyes that enabled him to see, although it was limited in that he could not see red on a white background.

What happened to von Karma?

Although the games state that Manfred von Karma died at some point between Turnabout Goodbyes and Reunion, and Turnabout, the Ace Attorney anime adaptation implies that he is still alive and imprisoned at the end of the episode Reunion and Turnabout – 1st Trial.

Who did Edgeworth kill?

Over time, the elevator’s three passengers had succumbed to oxygen deprivation. The murder victim was Gregory Edgeworth, and the pistol that had killed him had been fired twice.

Did Edgeworth kill his dad?

Edgeworth’s old friend, defense attorney Phoenix Wright, defended Edgeworth in court against Prosecutor von Karma. Wright was able to establish a motive for Yogi by showing his link to the DL-6 Incident, and Yogi gave in. However, Edgeworth admitted to killing his father.

How was Edgeworth seen?

– How Edgeworth Was Seen –

It was a cold night, and the fog was thick as grits. So, once I was finished setting up my camera, I got back in the car. Still, I brought my binoculars with me. When I heard that noise out on the lake, I looked with my binoculars.

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