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Yoga for Pregnant WomenDuring pregnancy, a woman undergoes various physical and psychological changes. The growing weight of the baby and the increased amount of blood in the body necessitates more physical training, both to stimulate the blood circulation and counteract fatigue. The woman needs to be emotionally strong in order to accept the changes taking place in her body and to prepare herself for the role of a mother. Not only this, she should also be in a state to fight the daily fatigue and stress that comes free with pregnancy.

Yoga becomes more effective if one begins to practice it before pregnancy as it helps to prevent many common inconveniences that occur during this stage. However, it is never too late to begin, as even a short period of yoga can be effective and yield great results during the birth itself.

Pranayam, the breathing exercises, provide more oxygen and energy, both to the mother and the child.

Although yoga during pregnancy does not guarantee an easy and unproblematic birth, but it certainly gives you the power to accept, face, experience and manage any given situation.


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