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Yoga and Science
ScienceIt is said that Knowledge is Power. All knowledge is based upon experience. Inferential knowledge, the knowledge in which we go from less to more general or from the general to the particular, has experience as its basis.

In acquiring knowledge we make use of generalization, and generalization is based upon observation. We first observe facts, then generalize, and then draw conclusions or principles. Similarly, in science, people easily find the truth, because it appeals to the particular experiences of every human being. The scientist does not tell anyone to believe in anything, but he has certain results, which comes from his observations and experiences, and on the basis of these observations and experiences, he asks people to believe him.

In every science there is a basis which is common to all humanity, so that one can at once see the truth or fallacy of the conclusions drawn from there.

It is comparatively easy to observe facts in the external world, for many instruments have been invented for the purpose, but in the internal world, we have no instrument to help us. The science of Yoga enables one to observe one's internal state with the mind as the instrument. The power of concentration, when properly guided, and directed towards the internal world, will analyse the mind, and illumine facts for us. The powers of the mind are like dissipated rays of light, which illumine when they are concentrated. This is the only means of knowledge.

A scientist observes the laws of Nature, experiments in his laboratory, investigates, infers and draws exact conclusions from his observations. But he knows nothing of the origin or destiny of Nature! Who made the sun and gave power to its rays? Who combined two parts of hydrogen with one part of oxygen to make water? Who gave power to the electrons? Who gave power to the atoms to combine into molecules?

Science does not know this great mystery. On the contrary, Yoga is completely unified knowledge. A Yogi gets inner divine realisation. He clearly sees with his inner Yogic eyes the subtle basics of matter. He identifies himself with the Supreme Being who is the Lord of the Prakriti (matter). He gets control over the five elements. He clearly understands the whole mystery of creation through direct intuitional knowledge. The scientist lacks this sort of knowledge. He has only experimental knowledge.

Before the invention of the watch, Yogis used to calculate time by measuring the shadow in day and by the study of the movement of the stars in the heavens at night. They were accurate in their calculations. Not only this, they also had a sound medical knowledge. The Ayurveda, is a living example of the proficiency, the yogis had in the medical field. They used to treat themselves with Aryurvedic medicines to keep their mind and body fit for uninterrupted sadhna in the forests. You will find in the books, written by rishis and yogis, on Ayurveda: "A healthy body is a good instrument for doing virtuous actions and practicing Yoga."

Therefore, we can say that Yoga and Science are inseparable. Just as a Yogi tries to control the mental forces, a scientist controls the physical forces. This is the only difference between a Yogi and a scientist. A scientist is also an unconscious Yogi, but his mind works in the external world.

Scientists possess partial knowledge of the universe. They have not understood the whole code of Nature's laws. They have no knowledge of the occult side of things. They have no knowledge of the astral, mental and higher planes such as Brahma-Loka (world of Brahma). The unseen world is of far greater importance than the seen-universe, which is visible to the naked eye. A fully developed Yogi can function in all the planes and so he has full knowledge of the visible and invisible Nature. The senses by which you get knowledge of the external objects are not fully developed. Therefore the knowledge obtained is partial. The external senses are exact counterparts of the internal astral senses. Scientists have no knowledge of the subtle rudiments of matter. Life will become fuller and richer, when one develops this inner eyesight by the practice of Yoga. Just as blood, when seen under the microscope, reveals many mysterious things such as leucocytes, lymphocytes, nuclei, pigment, germs, bacilli, etc., so also the inner Yogic eye reveals many mysteries of the hidden side of various things. The knowledge of the scientists is only fragmentary or partial whereas the knowledge of the Yogi is full and perfect.

Science differs radically in its outlook from philosophical musings. Consequently the mode of approach to its specific problems is different from that of philosophy. Yet there is some similarity in their findings, when some broad questions are discussed.

Scientists have to learn many things from the Seers of the East. Who gave power to the electrons to revolve? Who gave life to the cell or the protoplasm? What is that power that unites atoms to form molecules? Who gave intelligence to the cells to secrete milk or bile or gastric juice from the blood? These are some questions, the answers of which, are still being searched by the scientists. They are still exploring in darkness. Even if all the living scientists were to put their heads together to solve these questions, they cannot give definite conclusive answers to these mysterious questions.

Educated people are unduly carried away by scientific theories and discoveries. Anything, however stupid it may be, when stamped by the seal of science, is regarded as the gospel of truth. A theory or doctrine, however fallacious it may be, is accepted as true wisdom for all ages, when it is proclaimed in the name and on the authority of science. Even if a Haeckel, Einstein or Tyndel makes some fantastic and silly statement with the stamp of science, people are quite ready to swallow it with great avidity. Such is the fashion of the day! They reject the sublime teachings of the ancient Rishis and Sages in the name of superstition. The brains of these so-called educated and cultured people need a prompt, drastic and thorough flushing for a prolonged length of time.

But this does not mean to condemn the wonderful discoveries and inventions that modern science has contributed to the vast store of knowledge and happiness, which the present generation enjoys. The radio, the airplane, the microphone and other marvels of science are bound to baffle human intelligence. Scientists have found ways to fertilize an ovum with chemicals, without the help of semen. It is stupendous success.

Scientists are attempting to fix a radio in a matchstick. They are trying to get the necessary nutrition to the body by pressing an electric button, so that eating may be entirely abandoned. They are endeavoring to make the streets move so that there will be no necessity for motorcars and carriages. They are trying to establish means of communication with other planets. They may succeed in all their attempts.

But the question is: Can all these comforts and scientific discoveries and inventions give immortality, eternal satisfaction and everlasting peace? Have these material comforts enhanced human happiness? Is not man more restless today than ever before? Is he not more dissatisfied and discontented despite all these comforts? Life has become more complex and intricate today. There is only one remedy for all these ills. You will have to abandon all luxuries and go back to simple natural living, if you want to enjoy real and lasting happiness. Realising the Self through simple living, practice of Yoga, self-control, mental discipline and meditation, can attain immortality.

Matter exists in different conditions or states viz., solid, liquid and gaseous. The conditions may be made to change by variation of pressure and temperature. Water is turned into ice at a low temperature and steam at a higher temperature. Every solid may become a liquid or gas under suitable conditions; every liquid may be rendered solid or gaseous; every gas may be made liquid or solid. One form of energy can be also transmuted into another form of energy. Heat can be transmuted into light and light into electricity. Even so, seminal energy or muscular energy, anger, etc. can be transmuted into spiritual energy (Ojas-Shakti).

There is life in the mineral kingdom. This has been proved by the experiments of Prof. Van Schron at Naples. Even the elements manifest distinct preference. One element has a strong liking for the company of another. One element may even give up the company of one substance in order to join another element. This is chemical similarity. Every chemist fully knows this well. Hydrogen likes the company of oxygen. Two molecules of hydrogen combine with one molecule of oxygen. Water is formed. If you place sodium in the water, you will notice that oxygen likes sodium better than hydrogen and immediately abandons the company of hydrogen and joins sodium. Likes and dislikes are more markedly present in the vegetable kingdom than in the mineral. Many plants exhibit a remarkable degree of ingenuity in accomplishing their ends.

You should not think that the different planes or realms are lying one above another like the trunks in a shop. The different planes fill up the same space and interpenetrate one another like the light of a hurricane lamp, electric light, gas lamp and an ordinary kerosene chimney in a room. Matter has different degrees of density and different planes are constituted according to the different degrees of density of matter. These different planes are not separated in space. These planes surround you. You can be in touch with these planes, if you develop the inner astronomical eye or the mystic sight. It is not necessary for you to travel in space to study the condition of these planes. Within the space of the room you have the seven planes interpenetrating each other. The beings of a higher plane cannot be seen by the beings of a lower plane. But a being of the higher plane can see the beings of the lower plane.

According to the theory of Relativity some scientists believe that the world will expand after some years and man of future generations will be seven inches tall only, because matter will have to accommodate now to the increased size of the universe. Some matter is taken out of the bodies of human beings and distributed elsewhere to adjust the state of affairs. This is only a speculation and guesswork of some adventurous scientists. It may not happen at all. So you need not be afraid in the least. Be bold and cheerful. Try to get liberation in this very birth so that there will not be any chance for you to get a seven inch tiny body even if such an event were to occur.

But Yogis will always be there. Yogis can maintain their usual size. They can even expand their bodies ad infinitum through their powers. They can change their atoms and molecules and rearrange them. They can create new minds, new bodies by their Yogic powers. They can even live during the Cosmic Deluge. The position of Yogis is always safe. Yoga is the Supreme Divine Science. It is the Science of sciences. There will be more peace through simple living.

God is the greatest Mathematician. All scientists and astronomers are stunned by God's creation. They bow down their heads and say:

"We cannot proceed further. There is something beyond intellect. Our knowledge is imperfect. The riddle of the Universe can be solved only by knowledge of the Greatest Mathematician through intuition. The intellect is a fragile and finite instrument. The logic from various theories have not given us perfect illumination. We are still investigating in darkness. We are open to correction. Salutations and adorations to that Greatest Mathematician! Salutations to the Lord of the Universe! May He soon open our inner eyes to intuition."


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