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Raja Yoga Meditation
Steps in Raja Yoga
Raja Yoga Meditation
Advanced Raja Yoga
Supreme SoulOm Shanti - These two words represent the essence of the teachings of Raja Yoga. "Om" means "I am a soul" and "Shanti" means "Peaceful". Hence "I am a peaceful soul".

Raja Yoga can be defined in a number of ways. The word "Yoga" simply means "Union" or "Connection", and the word "Raja" means "Supreme", "King" or "Master". Raja Yoga, therefore, is the mental connection between the soul and the Supreme Soul or the remembrance of the Supreme Soul by the soul. Raja Yoga is the king of all yoga because through it one can become sovereign. Not over others, because that would be artificial, but on oneself. The power that gained through Raja Yoga, is the power of control over one's own mind, because it is the mind that creates sorrow and distress.

Stability in the Soul-consciousness and God-consciousness will bring peace and bliss to the soul. By this means, all the latencies of the vicious actions of the past lives will be destroyed because intellectual communion with God acts like fire. It burns the sins of the past. Yoga washes off all dirt from the soul; bathing in a river may clean the body but a soul is cleansed only in the remembrance of the Supreme Soul.

Through the teachings of Raja Yoga, the soul is able to achieve its natural state of peace very easily. By practicing Raja Yoga, the soul is able to achieve its natural state of peace very easily. The name of Raja Yoga has been used for a long time, many centuries in fact, although these teachings have only recently emerged, and are quite revolutionary. They explain very simply the most fundamental information of all that of who I am and what I am.

Raja yoga meditation is generally based on directing one's life force to bring the mind and emotions so into balance that the attention may be easily focused on the object of meditation, or the Lord directly.

Raja Yoga meditation is the process whereby the practitioner concentrates upon one point in order to integrate discontinuous, diffused attention, thus holding attention steady. All distractions are thus effectively closed out, and meditation proceeds. Daydreaming, floating with thoughts or allowing impulses to dominate is obviously not concentration, and, without concentration, meditation is impossible to experience.

The aim of Raja Yoga is to become the master of one's own mind, even to master one's own personality, and of course to be the master of the physical costume - the body.

The first subject of Raja Yoga is also the one that leads us to the last - that of not merely who I am, the soul, but of soul consciousness. The final stage of achievements through Raja Yoga, in which souls are free of all negative influences and have reached a state of perfection, is based entirely on this first lesson of soul consciousness.

Generally, life force is directed to move up and down the spine until it is balanced and the mind and emotions are serenely content. Then awareness is generally directed to move forward into a point in the center of the lower forehead. This meditation point, which is about half an inch above where the eyebrows meet, is called ajna, or the third eye.

When the energy is balanced throughout the brain and body and easily moving forward in the area of the third eye, your mind becomes very calm. While your mind is not passive, it is free of meaningless thoughts, worries, and the bric-a-brac of the subconscious mind. This state usually gives you a very pleasant sense of well being and your mind seems filled with a velvety darkness.

As your consciousness continues to move in your third eye, pastel colors begin to appear in your forehead. Sumptuous, glorious pinks, yellows, whites, blues, indigos, greens, and purples take their turn or play in combination in your forehead. Then, you may think you are seeing fireflies, lightning, or moonlight as your life force becomes more concentrated and more actively prepares you to behold higher consciousness. This process is readying you to experience your true nature as pure consciousness, pure spirit, pure awareness.

And then the light in your forehead blazes brighter than the sun! But, you find it is soothing to look into the awesome light, soothing to behold it. This is the brilliance of your inner light, your essence, revealing itself to you.

Raja yoga, particularly, requires a teacher because it is easy to strain yourself, and it's also easy to delude yourself into high level of hallucinations rather than actual experiences of your higher consciousness.

However, the genuine raja yogi lives in bliss, with his / her, will surrendered to God. A raja yogi realizes the profound truth of the Biblical passage: If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light.

Through Raj Yoga Meditation, the soul gets immense joy of an extraordinary kind from its link with the Supreme Soul.


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