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Jada Kriya
Japa or japam
Jnana Yoga
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Jada - Insentient; lifeless.

Jada Kriya - Physical exercise.

Japa or japam - Repetition of Lord's name or of a sacred formula called mantra taught to the disciple by the spiritual teacher.

Jaya - Mastery.

Jiva - Individual soul, The embodied soul, a living being, an ordinary person.

Jayrambati - The ancestral village of the Holy Mother

Jnana - Indriyas-Five organs or senses of Knowledge. viz., ear, skin, eye, tongue and nose.

Jnana Yoga - Pronounced as Gyana Yoga. Knowledge of Supreme Reality or Brahman arrived at through reasoning and discrimination. Also the process of reasoning by means of which the Ultimate Truth is realized. A person following the path of Jnana Yoga is called a jnani (pronounced as 'gyani').

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