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Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Garhasthya - The second of the four stages of human life prescribed by the Vedantic scriptures:
1. Brahmacharya---the celibate student stage
2. Garhasthya---the married householder stage
3. Banaprastha---the stage of retirement and contemplation
4. Sannyas---the stage of religious mendicancy

Ghat - A boat-landing stage or bathing-place on the bank of a river, lake, or a pond.

Granthi - Knot.

Gunas - Literally means qualities or attributes. According to the Samkhya philosophy, Prakriti (nature), in contrast with Purusha (soul), consists of three gunas known as sattva, rajas, and tamas. Anything we see, hear, smell or feel in the physical universe is the result of these three gunas in different proportions.

Gulma - Chronic gastritis.

Guru - Spiritual teacher; an expert in any field of knowledge.

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