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Cyber Space
Glossary of Sanskrit Terms
Chaitanya - Fifteenth century prophet who lived in Navadvip (Bengal, India) and preached the path of divine love or Bhakti for the realization of God. The word also means 'spiritual consciousness'. Chakras-Spiritual centres in Sushumna Nadi.

Chandra - Nadi-Moon-flow; another name for Ida.

Chit - Knowledge.

Chitta - Consciousness.

Cossipore - Northwestern suburb of Calcutta where Sri Ramakrishna was moved from Dakshineshwar for the treatment of throat-cancer and where he passed into mahasamadhi on Aug 16, 1886.

Cyber Space - Cyber space can be defined as the "virtual space created" by interconnecting human beings via the computer and telecommunication technologies without regard to their physical locations. The popular phrase in the present Internet / Web age may have originated from Cybernetics. (see below).

Cybernetics - The field of study of communication and control processes in biological, mechanical and electronic systems.

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