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Complete picture of Yoga
Yoga has been understood in different ways at different times. For many of us yoga was just a series Yogaof physical exercises, a method of attaining relaxation after passing through stressful situations, or a method of learning meditation in order to come to the core of our innermost being. However, we have failed in all these objectives because we have never fully developed a complete picture of yoga in our lives or even in our own understanding. In order to aid this process of developing a complete understanding of yoga many Yoga Universities, like the Bihar Yoga Bharti, have been established. This institute offers certificate courses, diploma courses and post-graduate degree courses in yoga philosophy, yoga psychology and applied yoga at present, and in the future there will be courses in yoga ecology and environmental sciences and various other subjects dealing with the integration and harmonization of life with nature and with cosmic consciousness. This is a big step. We have to change our view and our understanding. The moment we are able to do that, yoga actually takes root in our lives. Sannyasa is a lifestyle, which people like Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati and many others have chosen. Yoga has nothing to do with lifestyle. It offers alternate thoughts and ideas in order to understand the completeness of life, but it is a system of realization, of mind management, body management, emotion management and self-management. That is all. This is the understanding of yoga, which we need so that we can make our actions a creative expression of our consciousness.

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati's guru says that in the life of every human being, three faculties or qualities are most important: head, heart and hands - intellect, emotion and performance. The moment we are able to integrate these three qualities we become a complete human being. This is the concept of a complete human being which Aurobindo called the 'superman' and which the yogis call one who is realized. Realization is a very practical event in every person's life; it is not a philosophical or a religious event. Realization of the nature that governs our individual personality and also the cosmic personality is yoga. So one has to be very clear of what one wants from yoga. If one wants physical practices in order to feel good, they are available. If one wants relaxation techniques in order to release stress and tension, they are also available.

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