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Advaita Vedanta
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Sri SankaracharyaAdvaita Vedanta is the most influential philosophy of Hinduism. Like all forms of Vedanta, it attempts to synthesize the teachings of the Upanishads into a single coherent doctrine. Unlike other forms of Vedanta, it teaches that there is only one real thing in the universe and that everything else is illusory.

Advaita Vedanta is closely associated with Jnana Yoga, the yoga of knowledge.

People sometimes refer to Advaita Vedanta by other names including nondualism, nonduality, monism, Mayavada, or the Sankara School. People also sometimes abbreviate the name to "Advaita" or "Vedanta."

The Main Ideas of Advaita Vedanta

According to Advaita, only the innermost part of you is aware or conscious. No other part of you can feel, see or know anything. The name in Sanskrit for this awareness is atman. It's the part of you that is really you, and it corresponds to the soul in Western philosophy.


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